Muhammad Rijal Fadhli, Bobi Hidayat


The efforts in maintaining independence has raised lots of character and hero from different regions and classes. From among the Muslims and religious organizations, appears the name of K.H Hasyim Asy'ari as one of the great scholars who have a role in the struggle for independence through the base boarding school and organization Nahdlatul Ulama. This research aims to know the important role of K.H Hasyim Asy'ari in presenting the resolution in an effort to maintain jihad independence in 1945. The methods used in this study is a research method of history (historical), techniques of collecting data in this study using four phases, namely: heuristics, critique, interpretation and historiography. The results of this study is the resolution called on the Government of the Republic declares jihad holy war. This resolution is a recognition of legitimacy for the Government and indirect criticism against a passive attitude in the face of the allied landings. Instruction of jihad resolution K.H Hasyim Asy'ari subsequently followed up with the introduction of the demands to the Government of the Republic order NU take action commensurate. The demands were expressed about resolution of Nahdlatul Ulama contains about the decision: pleaded with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the very order that determines the attitude and action of real and worth against efforts that would jeopardize the independence and religion and State of Indonesia, especially to the Netherlands and party henchmen and so ordered the continue nature of the struggle for his upright sabilillah unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia independent  and the religion of Islam


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