Peranan Korban Dalam Terjadinya Kejahatan Seksual Terhadap Anak Ditinjau dari Perspektif Viktimologi

Evy Nurinayah I Wayan Wahyu Anandita


Recently, crimes of sexual abuse against children have often occurred. Sex crimes among children stem from a
number of circumstances, such as pornographic shows that are easily accessible recently, as well as the inability of
victims of harassment to report perpetrators of sexual crimes that occur to children. Victims who were victimized
did not dare to sue the perpetrators. The problem in this article is how the author views the role of the victim in
sexual crimes. The methodology used in this review includes the use of a qualitative appr oach using sources from
literature reviews, such as those related to the topics discussed. The conclusion from this study is that some child
victims of sexual abuse may also have no clear symptoms. The effects of sexual harassment are very serious and can
manifest in a variety of pathological symptoms and behaviors. There is almost no area of general symptoms that is
not related to a history of sexual abuse. Age and various abuse-related factors can influence the nature and severity
of symptoms.


Sexual Crime, Victimization, Victims, Perpetrators

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