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This study looks at an overview of how the fitness counseling process of Islamic techniques in increasing self-motivation is carried out by case studies in the Metro fitness gym center. The purpose of this study: To find out that Fitness Counseling uses Islamic Technique to foster the enthusiasm of clients / counselees in the spirit of exercise to make the body stay fit and healthy and more confident with the client's physical condition, the Islamic technique is intended so that clients can imitate Rasulullah SAW who likes to exercise, which is horse riding, archery and swimming. The method used in this study Case Study looks directly at social phenomena that occur in the fitness center or fitness center in Metro Lampung. This research subject uses clients who have sports-related problems and the object is Fitness Center Artha GYM Metro. The results of this study are that clients become more confident and have high self awareness because of the enthusiasm of sporty counseling trainers, namely: expertise in the field of sports counseling and counseling (Fitness) to be more enthusiastic and reach the target fitness program that will be run whether the weight loss program or with the program of gaining weight, which is certainly packed with interesting and more Islamic so that all people understand better it turns out that Muslims also understand health to maintain the ideal body is important as the era of the Prophet Muhammad. Conclusions in this activity are that everyone becomes self-motivated in exercising for a healthier lifestyle and lifestyle.


Counseling, Fitness, Islamic Technique, Self Motivation, Counsfit


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