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Online is an acronym from within the network, which is an activity carried out with an online system that utilizes the internet. This is manifested in one of the ways in which online learning is a program for organizing online learning classes to reach a massive and broad target group. The world of education is certainly inseparable from the influence of the industrial revolution 4.0, there are many adaptations that must be made with the development of this 4.0 industry. Learning that refers to the digitalization era is increasingly being encouraged. However, this is also a problem, namely students who have not been able to adapt to the various sophistication of existing applications. Learning using technological literacy must be directed to useful literacy. Technological literacy is not just using technology for things that are not important. With technological literacy, it is hoped that students can have technological literacy skills that are more useful in terms of learning. Learning in the industrial revolution era requires adaptation from various parties. Lecturers and students must always learn about the latest technology to support the latest learning. Technological literacy is very important for online learning in the era of the Industrial revolution 4.0. The role of technology is to facilitate the learning process by not limiting the space and time of learning.


technological literacy, online learning



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