Pengembangan Komik Biologi Berbasis Android sebagai Media Pembelajaran Materi Sistem Peredaran Darah

Vita Oktaviana, Rasuane Noor, Muhfahroyin Muhfahroyin


The objective of this research was to produce learning media of Android-based comic applications with circulatory system material and to determine the feasibility of products based on validation tests by expert validators. The product validation phase was carried out by a team of experts, namely material experts and design experts. The development model conducted by using 4-D model consisting of 4 stages, namely define, design, develop, and disseminate. The dissemination stage of this research was not conducted, this stage only disseminate in the research location in SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Metro. The research shows that the results of the material expert validation data in percentage was 98%, design experts with a percentage was 93%, small group try out with an overall percentage is 91%, with the highest assessment aspects received a percentage was 100% on the assessment indicators of the content of the material on the product, the second highest on the aspect of the assessment indicators of the images in the comic media. Based on the research results of the assessment of comic media products included in the criterion of very good which means that the product is worthy of use in the biology learning.


Komik, Pembelajaran Biologi, Android, Materi Peredaran Darah.



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