Metra Suraya, Siti Sarifah Hasibuan, Yora Anjeli, Ahmad Walid


The use of technology in the field of education is very important to do, because it can support the learning process to be more effective and efficient. Utilization of this technology, for example, the use of media in the form of learning videos. The use of learning videos greatly influences learning outcomes and can help the learning process continue in conveying ideas. The use of learning videos is very helpful in conveying learning material that is difficult to explain. However, until now the use of learning videos is very lacking in teaching and learning activities, especially in learning Natural Sciences (IPA). This study aims to determine the use of learning technology in the form of the presence or absence of the influence of learning videos on students' natural science learning outcomes in junior high schools. The research method used is meta-analysis. Meta-analysis is a literature review or by reviewing the literature, analyzing research results that are on official websites or that have been officially published through campus internal publication media and/or scientific publication media. So the results of this study are that the use of technology in learning in the form of videos has an effect on the learning process and student learning outcomes in junior high schools.


Evaluation ; Technology ; Learning


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