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2019 Boiler Rental

by ali saroğlu (2019-08-23)

Building permanent boiler systems in short-term works, projects, seasonal works, construction sites, mine sites, temporary housing centers and container accommodation in the distance to the city center is a very expensive investment. Renting a boiler in such cases is an economical solution for investors. However, for the mobile boiler to be rented first, the following questions must be answered:

Will steam or hot water be used in the project area?

What should be the capacity of the mobile boiler to be used? How many people are sheltering and working at the construction site? What is the width of the space to be heated?

What about the fuel type?  Have connections been provided for electrical, water and steam systems?

What fuel system is ready for the boiler to be installed in the construction site or temporary housing area?

What is the size of the area where the mobile boiler will be installed?

Usually brought ready for use on giant trailers, the boilers produce solutions from 25 hp to 800 HP power quickly. NFPA rules apply when installing and operating all leased boilers across the country. These rules include fuel type selection, transportation of fuel to mobile boilers, and fuel storage, which are also subject to the certification process.

Applications that occur during unexpected periods in open spaces can make Boiler Rental mandatory. During the winter season, which makes project costs difficult, the boilers to be rented can meet the needs of the employees to warm up until the end of temporary shelter centers, temporary construction site areas and basic excavation activities. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on single-season projects to rent at a much more economical cost than installing a giant boiler system could be a lucrative solution for companies. In mobile boilers brought to the project area on rental boilers, trucks, train wagons on rails, containers carried with trucks, the freezing problem must be avoided.