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What episode can you see Kakashi love story

by Arden Southee (2019-08-25)

Episode 191 shipunden

What is the best Naruto episode?
I think its the episode titled "Gotta See Gotta Know...Kakashi Sensei's True Face" I also like the 3rd episode where Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura tried to get Kakashi's bells. Or if your talking about shippuden...Kakashi Gaiden is great! In case you have not figured it out...I Love Kakashi!! ;)

share: What episode did naruto try to unmask Kakashi?
Naruto episode 101: Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei's True Face!

share: In what episode well Kakashi see Tobi?
well its in the manga

share: In the naruto series what ep do you see the 4th?
We get to see fourth Hokage a few times e.g. Episode 119-120 Kakashi gaiden episode and once again in Jairaiya story - Tale of a Gutsy Ninja and now in next upcoming episode 168 (this coming Thursday)

share: What chapter of Naruto does Kakashi unmask himself?
Kakashi unmasks himself to eat ramen, in episode 101. Unfortunately, he is hidden from our view, and only the ramen shop owner and the girl working there see his face. At the end of the episode, Kakashi unmasks himself to reveal... ... ... another mask.

share: Do we ever see Kakashi's real face in naruto?
no but in episode 101 naruto sasuke and sakura try to get kakashi to take off his mask. spoiler alert! BEHIND THE MASK IS ANOTHER MASK. and in shippuden there was one episode where kakashi is in the hospital and you almost see his face

share: What episode does Kakashi take off his mask?
Kakashi never actually takes off him mask. on epsiode 101 his team 7 try to see his real face, but they do not succeed.

share: What is the name of that naruto shippuden episode when kashashi reveals his true face?
There is no such episode. You might be thinking of episode 101 of the original series; Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei's True Face!

share: What is a good Naruto episode to watch?
Gotta see, gotta know! Kakashi-sensei's real face! or... If you like episodes with more action... Episode 1 of Shipuuden. Believe it!

share: When does the kakoshi team see Sasuke again?
Team Kakashi (with Sai replacing Sasuke and Yamato replacing Kakashi temporarily) sees Sasuke again in the beginning of the first episode of Naruto: Shippuden and in chapter 306 of the manga.

share: Do Kakashi and Itachi know that Naruto is the fourth Hokage's son?
Both Kakashi and Itachi know that Naruto is the son of the 4th. watch episode 82 and you'll see. Spoiler Alert Itachi says their after the 4th's legacy as in his son and when Itachi says that Kakashi thinks "Naruto he's after Naruto."

share: Will Naruto episode 210 be on Cartoon Network?
Naruto episode (210-220) will return in sometime in september. Naruto shippuden (kakashi chronicles) will premieres august 6th. Check out website to see the teasers.

share: What does Kakashi look like?
Actually, Masashi Kishomoto-sensei has not drawn Kakashi as a whole scene yet. As of today, Kakashi's true face---and effectively his looks---have not been established yet. However, there is many indications that he is a very handsome man in the anime, for in Episode 101 (Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-sensei's True Face!), he briefly shows his face out of the view of Team Seven and therefore the camera, and both the owner and his daughter are... Read More

share: In which episode does Kakshi shows his face?
Answer Kakashi dosent show his face. In episode 101 Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura try but, under his mask is another his mask. So if you want to see his face, check online. Answer Kakashi dosent show his face. In episode 101 Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura try but, under his mask is another his mask. So if you want to see his face, check online. no kakashi does not show his face in the episodes but... Read More

share: What episode in final act do you see kagome as a little girl?
yes you do when she is a baby with the sacred jewl in her, but after the whole love story of inuyasha and kikyo they show how kagome is reincarnated wth kikyo

share: What is de best naruto episode ever?
I would have to say "Gotta see! gotta know! Kakashi-sensei's real face!" It wasn't in Shippuden, but it was the VERY last episode of Team 7 all together, (Not the last episode of the show!) where things are kind of normal, and they are happy. That is just my opinion.

share: How do you draw Kakashi?
you go on youtube and see it

share: What episode is team 7 waiting for Kakashi?
There are numerous episodes where they wait for him. The first time was in episode 4 upon becoming a team. The next was 20 , the Chunin Exam arc. Another was in 101 where they "stalk" him to see his face. There are also similar situations in movies and OVAs.

share: How did Kakashi get mangekyou sharingan?
Kakashi gets his sharingan from Obito Uchiha. You can see it in The Kakashi Chronicles part 2. After Kakashi had his eye badly injured by a kunai a large explosion traps rin, kakashi, and Obito in a cave. Obito pushes kakashi out of the way before he is crushed by a rock, causing Obito to get crushed. Slowly dieing obito gives kakashi one last request. To take his sharingan and protect Rin. Rin, being a... Read More

share: In what episode of Inuyasha is there mist and sango thinks she is in love with Inuyasha?
i think it was in season 4 ill see what ep its in season 5, episode 135

share: Do tokine and yoshimori love?
Yea u will see it in episode 52 or 53 part3 Thanks

share: What Simpsons episode does Bart go to therapy?
Bart has to see a pychiatrist in the episode Yokel Chords - after telling a scary ghost story in the school cafeteria to get free food

share: Does Kakashi learn a new lightning style jutsu?
Wait and see

share: Will Kakashi ever see obito again?
yes Who knows!Maybe he will.Maybe he won`t.Some people thinks Obito is dead but i think he did survive.But will he see Kakashi again. I don`t think so

share: How do you write Kakashi hatake in Japanese?
はたけカカシ = Hatake Kakashi If you want to see a bigger version copy this and paste it into word then enlarge.

share: Does the mad hatter love Alice?
yes. if you have seen the new movie Alice in Wonderland you can see the love story of the two.

share: Can i see the lyrics to love story sung by Taylor Swift?
Yes you can it's on YouTube

share: Who seen Kakashi mask?
If you have the Naruto Database Book 3, you WILL see Kakashi's true face! If you don't belive me, go to website and type in "Kakashi Hatakes face unveiled!

share: What is the best episode of Naruto?
In the original Naruto series, my favorite episode will always be 133 and it continues to 134. I cant remember the number but its the episode right before Sauske leaves to Ooruchimaru, A Drunk Lee (with help of Gaara 10 mins into it) vs. Bone Guy, It was really funny and a good fight i loved gotta know gotta see kakashi sensei's true face.

share: What is the movie title in which a woman walking on the beach stepped on something and a creepy man pulled it out of her foot with his teeth?
Love Story.... Which version of love story? I have looked but see nothing. It's not the same.

share: What was The Golden Girls episode with a cold snap in Miami?
At the end of Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas it snowed, although I think the episode you're thinking of was Bedtime Story. Sophia tells a story about a cold snap in Miami & we see a 'flashback' when they all shared a bed.

share: Do we see Kakashi's face?
Yes, go to google and type "Kakashi`s Face."

share: Will Kakashi kill Sasuke?
We dont know yet. We'll have to wait and see the manga.

share: What episode in degrassi can you see libertys baby lump?
I saw it in The Lexicon of Love parts 1 and 2, but the plots were not centered around her.

share: In what episode do you see Kakashi's face?
You dont see his face in any episode

share: What is the conflict in the song a love story by taylor swift?
Juliet's dad want let her see Romeo.

share: Will rin come out in naruto Shippuden?
no because she has died in the past ..but you see her when kakashi dies and or when he dies

share: What episode did Naruto see his mother?
Its the newest episode. Episode 246.

share: Who is stronger Kakashi or diedara?
Kakashi. With his sharingan, he can see all of Deidara's movements and his jutsu. Plus with Kakashi's lightning blade and his ninja hounds, there's no way he could loose. Plus he knows over 1,000 known jutsus. But in the manga, when Naruto and Kakashi run after Deidara, Kakashi would have been defeated if Naruto had not been able to help. He had to use to the Mangekyo sharingan, and ran out of energy.

share: Where can you see episode 1 on total drama island?
You can see the episode in parts on youtube.

share: Will Sasuke die in naruto?
I doubt it, Sasuke is well developed character within the story, and in Naruto, they normally don't kill them. (exceptions: asuma and akatsuki ). For example when Kakashi dies, in the end he is able to come back to life. But you will have to wait and see, for the real answer.

share: What is the moral of story of the Good Samaritan?
Do good to others Love your neighbour as yourself If you see a need meet the need.

share: Who does Kakashi marry when he is older?
We know no one who he fancies. So we cant tell, we'll have to wait and see.

share: What episode do you see misty in?
Alot of them you see her when first saw Pokemon episode 1 i choose you

share: How do you write a love story if you were never in love?
That's going to be difficult. A love story is best when the author has felt some sort of love before. If you haven't, perhaps you could interview some married people to see what being in love feels like. Ask them questions like "What did it feel like when you held hands?" or "How did you feel when you were waiting for them to call or write to you?"

share: What does the title mean in the song love story by Taylor swift?
The story she tells in the song is a love story about a simple boy who a girl falls in love with and he asks to marry her. God Bless, and have a wonderful summer filled with gracefullness and hopefully, someday, we will see Taylor Swift + I'm from were Taylor is in Reading, Pennsylvania- actually I live in W. PA! Go PA!

share: What episode do you see naruto and kekashi fight using rasengan?
Kakashi reveals that the Rasengan is an incomplete jutsu as he is not able to combine his own elemental chakra affinity into it, just as it's creator, the Fourth Hokage couldn't do. He then presumes that Naruto might be the first one to be able to do so. Kakashi reminds Narutothat creating a technique requires combining nature transformation with shape transformation. By completing hisWind Release training he has the former, and since he can already... Read More

share: Did Brittany and Santana from glee sleep together?
It's implied. Santana : Sex is not dating. Brittany : If it were, Santana and I would be dating. Episode 13: "Sectionals" Also, in one episode we do see them making out in bed. In another episode Santana says that she's in love with Brittany 3

share: Does Jane love jester?
It is actually the other way around. Jetster has a crush on Jane. If you watched the episode 'Mismatched' you will see Jester's feelings about Jane.

share: What episode do you see blackfire in Teen Titans?
You see Blackfire in Episode 2 Sisters in Season 1, and Episode 29 Betrothed in Season 3.

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