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Don't Call it an E-book!

by Damien Hackney (2019-08-26)

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"Course." Instead of calling the sections "chapters," try calling them "lessons." Presenting information as instructional material also raises its perceived value, because people are accustomed to paying much more for seminars and classes than for books. A writer I know sells 120 pages of printed material, divided into eight lessons, as a $295 course. The price includes feedback from the instructor on assignments, which most purchasers do not get around to submitting.

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This is the reason why numerous of our customers have concerns on it. However as lengthy as you are right here with us, we will try our best to ensure you obtain exactly what you have actually been guaranteed. Simply kick back as well as maintain amazing and also calmness no matter what occurred you formerly. It is quite wonderful that you care on your own this is the reason you should come right here. "Special report." escort service in delhi the business world, people will spend much more money for timely business information or instruction when it's called a "special report" than for an "e-book." A dollar per page is not unusual -- $4.00 or escort service in delhi $5.00 for four pages, $97 for 90 to 100 pages.

My research turned up many even higher priced special reports, where the author already had impressive credentials, such as $195 for a 114-page report from usability guru Jakob Nielsen's firm and $945 for a 245-page report on Russia's aerospace industry from Jane's, a well-known U.

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