Nedi Hendri, Kemas Ridhuan


Luwak Coffee is a coffee that has its own taste and aroma for coffee lovers and is a coffee product belonging to the grain must pass through the process of fermentation in animal stomach of luwak. After the refreshment of civet coffee is processed the same as regular coffee. Luwak coffee production process by home industry in Way Mengaku West Lampung regency is still fairly traditional that is using a variety of manual equipment such as breaking the epidermis by pounding, determination of water content by using the feeling, heating using wok always stirred and drying with sunlight . While the mongoose coffee is a quality coffee export products that need to be touched with technology in order to get better results and in more quantities. The purpose of this IbPE program is to improve the quality and quantity of civet coffee production by completing and improving the equipment used in the production process of luwak coffee so that it can meet the needs and export standards. The methods used in this activity are Obeservation, socialization, equipment assistance for coffee production, training on the use and maintenance of coffee production equipment and production process. The results have been achieved from this activity is some equipment given to the two partners of SMEs namely King of Luwak and Crown Luwak. The tools are electric power dryers, coffee roasting equipment capacity of 15 kg, a cracker and a coffee water level measuring device. And each tool is trained for use and maintenance, so that the equipment can be used well and for a long time. The increase of Luwak coffee production is Luwak King from 100 kg / month to 216 kg / month. Civet crown from 45 kg / month to 120 kg / month.


Civet, Coffee, Production, Quality, Technology


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