Noormawanti Noormawanti, Lusi Marlisa, Annisa Nur Firdausyi


Kemendikbudristek "Nadiem Makarim" said that face-to-face learning was felt to be very necessary for early childhood, this was conveyed in order to overcome the risk of reduced learning opportunities and to pursue quality PAUD recovery. If the learning intensity of children at the PAUD level decreases, it will be difficult for them to continue to the next level of education. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic for PAUD children will affect the process of child development, especially those who are still at the PAUD level.

The aims of this study are: To find out how the readiness of PAUD schools in preparing for face-to-face meetings is limited and to find out how the combination of methods used in face-to-face learning is limited and distance learning. Data collection techniques in this study are interviews, observation and documentation, where the data analysis technique is data reduction, data presentation and then verification or conclusion drawing.

School readiness in facing this limited face-to-face meeting must prepare everything related to the running of the learning process, starting from the teachers, where they have received at least two vaccine injections, the availability of health facilities ranging from measuring body temperature, washing hands with water. running water, hand washing soap, body temperature measuring device, conditioning students' seats while in class, to the length of time they study (face to face). In addition to readiness related to facilities, curriculum readiness is also made by schools and teachers who adjust from changing online conditions to face-to-face meetings, in addition to the length of learning time that changes the content of the material also changes which are then readjusted by the teacher as well as to detect whether there are lags. the material experienced by students during online learning, teachers can combine learning methods to minimize material lag, namely by providing additional learning time while still utilizing WhatsApp groups.


PAUD school readiness, learning, face-to-face


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