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The plantation is one of the main sectors of economic development in Indonesia. The plantation sector contributes as a provider of employment to the community. Plantation as the mainstay sector of the Indonesian economy can not be separated from the problems that must be faced, among others, still low selling prices. The fierce competition between today's business players, making every seller have a special strategy to improve bargaining power. One of the growing growth trends today is the marketing strategy through the community. Besides increasing the power of bargaining power, the community is also a means for sellers to be able to simultaneously boost the selling price.Through this devotional activity, with lecture techniques, delivering the participants to understand the importance of the community in the sale of crops, is expected to provide space to know their level of understanding in the ideal marketing techniques. Partners in this training is a community of farmers who have rubber cultivation activities in Rajabasa Lama II Labuhan Ratu Lampung Timur.Based on the observation of the results of the activity, rubber farmers transact directly to village collectors. These transactions if done individually, then in the price agreement, the farmers do not have high bargaining power. This is what causes the importance of the community when conducting transactions with traders, so the price earned to buy the crop is able to reach at the highest price level. Participants are categorized as having an interest in forming a community of groups in making sales, meaning that the community is important in improving the bargaining power of pricing. Activities undertaken to the participants, have given results that participants understand the importance of a community in sales transactions so that marketing their crops more optimal.


Group Formation, Marketing, Yields


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