The Understanding of Islamic Thought as an Ideology and Methodology for the Indonesian Millennial Generation

WA Ode Sifatu


This social study discussed the understanding of Islamic thought as a religious ideology and scientific methodology for the young Muslim generation who live, study, and work in a millennial time. There are many accusations and claims that Islam is a religion that only takes care of matters of religious ideology and worship and puts aside scientific and intellectual methodologies so that Islam is problematic to describe in the current context of the digital era by millennial generations in Indonesia as a country that is a big home for the world's largest Muslim adherents. To answer the above problems, we try to collect related literature. Then we study the phenomenological approach under the description of qualitative research design the work "Phenomenology in qualitative educational research: Philosophy as science or philosophical science." Next, the data will be checked and discussed, the original code created, the code reviewed, and all relevant themes reviewed. Finally, we get data findings that we believe are valid and reliable because we have answered the study questions with the appropriate method for review studies. The finding that Islam as a religion certainly has an ideology as a friendly religion to all human beings who rely on the truth. This truth, which Islam owned, can be understood and practiced with a methodological approach based on the holy Kalam Quran and Hadith


Islamic Thought, Religious Ideology, Scientific Methodologies, and Millennial Generation

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