Muhammadiyah Law Review

The Journal of Muhammadiyah Law Review published by Faculty of Law University of Muhammadiyah Metro – Lampung. The accepted papers are the scientific papers which are the outcomes of either research or thoughts that refers to Law studies. It is published for the readers both regional and global. The Journal of Muhammadiyah Law Review is published into two volumes a year (January and July). As the peer-review of Indonesian Journal, we accept scientific works on islamic studies which are writen both in English and Indonesia. Feel free to send the papers through registering this page.

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Vol 7, No 1 (2023): Muhammadiyah Law Review

Table of Contents

Evy Nurinayah I Wayan Wahyu Anandita :
DOI :10.24127/lr.v7i1.2502 | Abstract views : 121 times
1 - 8
Agung Kusuma AR Caropeboka Handayani Pamarto :
DOI :10.24127/lr.v7i1.2503 | Abstract views : 32 times
9 - 20
Dwi Putri Melati Ria Delta Raden Gunawan :
DOI :10.24127/lr.v7i1.2504 | Abstract views : 49 times
21 - 29
Aris Setyo Nugroho :
DOI :10.24127/lr.v7i1.2505 | Abstract views : 46 times
30 - 40
Nitaria Angkasa Intan Pelangi Muhammad Agung Setiawan :
DOI :10.24127/lr.v7i1.2506 | Abstract views : 45 times
41 - 51
Sumarsih Edi Rifa'i :
DOI :10.24127/lr.v7i1.2507 | Abstract views : 49 times
52 - 61